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Kitchen Refinishing

If your kitchen cabinets are in good structural condition, why replace or reface them when you can refinish them for a fraction of the cost?  On average, our customers save between $2,000 and $3,000 by refinishing instead of refacing. 

"What is the difference between refacing and refinishing?"

A Refacing Contractor will replace your existing doors and drawer fronts with new doors and drawers and re-veneer your cabinet frames.  A Refinishing Contractor will strip the finish from your existing doors, drawers and cabinet frames and re-apply a new finish.

"What is involved in the refinishing process?"

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will produce a sample of your desired finish on one of your existing cabinet doors for your approval.  Once we have your approval to proceed, we will schedule a date for our crew to begin work.  Prior to our arrival, you must empty all cabinets and drawers and clear all countertop surfaces.  Our crew will label and remove all doors, drawers and hardware which will be transported to our shop for finishing.  We will then begin the refinishing process on your cabinet frames.  For stained finishes, we will remove the existing finish using a chemical stripping agent followed by machine and hand sanding to remove any remaining finish.  Your new stain will be applied, followed by a coat of sealer and two coats of Catalyzed Lacquer, sanding between coats..  For multiple step finishes such as antiques and glazes, a coat of finish is applied between each step.  For solid color painted finishes, your existing finish will be thoroughly cleaned and sanded.  A coat of primer will be applied if necessary, followed by two coats of pigmented lacquer. 

For most kitchens, allow about three days to complete the finishing process on your cabinet frames.  During this time period, you will have access to your refrigerator, but not to any cooking surfaces.  After we have completed work on the cabinet frames, you can reload your cabinet shelves (leaving enough clearance so we can reattach your hinges) while we return to our shop to work on your doors and drawers. After about 3 to 5 working days, we will return with your finished doors and drawers and reinstall them.  If you want to purchase new handles or hinges, we will install them for you at no additional charge as long as the new hardware uses the same mounting holes as the old hardware.

Refinishing is a great way to return your cabinets to their original beauty, or to revitalize your kitchen with a completely new finish.  We offer multi-step finishes such as antique effects, distressing, glazing, color washes and crackles.  We can do faux graining techniques to make your oak cabinets look like cherry wood.  We can also do solid color finishes with our Pigmented Lacquer finishing system.  The possibilities are endless.  Contact us to arrange for a free in-home estimate. 

(click on photos to enlarge)  

For this new home in Ramona, the custom cabinets were manufactured and installed unfinished. In addition to the cabinets, which received a distressed antique effect finish, we were asked to develop a matching stain for the ceiling beams. Since the cabinets were cherry, and the ceiling beams douglas fir, it was quite challenging to create matching finishes for the two radically different woods. As you can see, our specialist did a fine job of custom blending and applying the stains.

For this estate in Fairbanks Ranch, the new owners did not like the existing white-washed oak cabinets, but did not wish to replace them. Working with an interior designer, we did a faux cherry finish on the island, and a solid color antique white finish on the rest of the cabinetry. The finish result was stunning as the cabinets tranformed from a common white wash to an elegant, one of a kind custom furniture finish.

For this home in Coronado, the homeowner was tired of her old, run-of-the-mill oak cabinets. She was redecorating her home and wanted a warmer, more rustic feel. We achieved the finish by doing a faux finish. We completely stripped the old finish and then applied an opaque brushed finish to simulate cherry wood. We

then added an antiquing effect to add depth and charactor to the wood. The finish result you see here beautifully captured the new look and feel the homeowner was looking for. For a fraction of the cost of new or refaced cabinets, she was able to get a completely revitalized look in her kitchen.

This homeowner in Solana Beach just purchased this home and wanted to update the southwest white-wash finish to a more contemporary style. We applied a pigmented lacquer finish that really brightens up the kitchen. On woodwork, it is best to use products that are designed for wood finishes. Beware of painting contractors who will try to sell you on using wall paint on your cabinets. Even industrial grade enamels or acrylics are no match for a pigmented lacquer finish. Pigmented lacquer is superior to latex or acrylic based paints because it produces a finish that dries harder and is easier to keep clean; essential for a kitchen environment.

On this kitchen remodel, the contractor sent all of the new cabinets to us for shop finishing prior to installation. This finish is an antique glaze effect which we custom blended to compliment the granite tops and floor tiles. Traditionally, antique effects use a darker stain in the edges and grooves of the doors to achieve an aged look. In this case however, a white color was used to create a much different and pleasing effect.


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